I Am Barabbas

from by Gary Dugan

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From the musical "The Son" by Lewis Greer and Gary Dugan
The song is actually 2 halves put together. In the musical, the first section is separated from the second.


I Am Barabbas
by Lewis Greer and Gary Dugan
© Dugan and Greer, 1998

You just cannot imagine
The dread I felt that day
As I thought about the deeds I'd done
And the price I soon would pay
I was guilty and I knew it
It was true without a doubt
But I was praying for deliverance
When I heard the people shout

"Give us Barabbas!
We don't want the King of the Jews
You may find no guilt in Him
But we most certainly do
He says He is the Son of God
And for that crime He'll die
So give us Barabbas
As for Jesus - crucify!"

And I am Barabbas
I was suddenly set free
Guiltless Christ was led away
And died instead of guilty me
He said He was the Son of God
and for that word he died
He took my place, He took my cross
And he was crucified...

Well I thought about Barabbas
And the gift that he received
Then I thought about the gift I got
The day that I believed

And I am Barabbas
I was guilty but now I'm free
Sinless Jesus took my sin
And died instead of me
I say He is the Son of God
The truth is plain to see
That I am Barabbas
And God's grace has rescued me


from Songs For The Journey, released May 18, 2012
Lyrics: Lewis Greer
Music: Gary Dugan



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